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Lathan Honors Superintendents

At the recent School Superintendents of Alabama (SSA) Summer Conference, Lathan Architects had the privilege to recognize some very deserving individuals. Lathan Architects collaborated with SSA to honor superintendents achieving milestones in their careers. We created the SSA Superintendents Circle of Distinction for superintendents serving 10, 15, and 20 years.

At the inaugural ceremony, Lathan Architects presented an award to each recipient. This year, 25 superintendents were honored. Longevity is rare these days for school superintendents. It shows their immense commitment and passion for what they do. We value these leaders and their contributions to education in Alabama.

Superintendents honored for 10 years of service - Mrs. Becky Birdsong, Mr. Jamie Chapman, Dr. Dennis Coe, Dr. Alan Cosby, Mr. Shannon Driver, Dr. Todd Freeman, Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, Mr. Kyle Kallhoff, Dr. Patrick Martin, Mr. Greg Pendley, Mr. Chresal Threadgill, Mr. Eddie Tyler, Dr. Kenneth Varner, and Mr. Randy Wilkes.

Superintendents honored for 15 years of service - Dr. Dicky Barlow, Dr. Heath Grimes, Dr. Suzanne Lacey, Dr. Chuck Ledbetter, Mr. John Moore, Dr. Randy Shearouse, Mr. Michael Smithart, Dr. Keith Stewart, Dr. Wayne Vickers.

Superintendent honored for 20 years of service - Dr. Matt Akin. Not pictured Dr. Mark Bazzell.


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