St. Clair County High School

St. Clair County Board of Education
Building Program: Grades 9-12 (525 Students)
147,600 sq. ft.

Design Features/Services Provided:

  • Centralized administrative area (cabinets and shelving included)
  • Academic classrooms (student lockers included)
  • Science lab
  • Media center and support facilities
  • Computer lab
  • Band room and support rooms
  • Choral/drama room and support rooms
  • Art room and support facilities
  • Yearbook room
  • Home arts department
  • Industrial arts department
  • Multi-use kitchen/cafetorium with stage
  • Gymnasium and support facilities
  • Student and teacher toilets (masonry partitions)
  • Handicapped toilet and shower facilities
  • Maintenance equipment area
  • Grand Master hardware with removable core system
  • Building sound system with integral LED clock system
  • Fire alarm system – fully sprinklered building
  • HVAC – DDC control system
  • Brick and stone exterior on all elevations
  • Pre-finished standing-seam roof system
  • Vaulted gypsum board entry ceiling
  • Site landscaping and lawn sprinkler system
  • Courtyard amphitheater