Hueytown High School

Jefferson County Board of Education
Building Program: Grades 9-12 
276,916 sq. ft.

Design Features/Services Provided:

  • Centralized Administrative Area (Cabinets and Shelving Included)
  • Cafeteria / Kitchen with Equipment
  • Competition Gym for 1,500 and Practice Gym
  • P.E. and Athletic Locker Rooms
  • Wrestling Room
  • Lecture Hall with Seating
  • 658 Seat Auditorium with Full Fly Loft / Stage / Drama Rooms
  • 52 Classrooms with Storage, Casework and Lockers, including: Band and Support Facilities, Choral and Support Facilities, Dance and Support Facilities, Consumer Science with Furniture, 5 Business Classrooms, and Fitness Room
  • Media Center and Support Facilities with Furniture
  • 3 Computer Labs with Furniture
  • 2 Art Classrooms with Furniture
  • 11 Science Classrooms / Labs with Furniture
  • Cosmetology Lab and Furniture
  • Full Brick and Precast Concrete Facades
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing System
  • Fully-Adhered EPDM Roofing System
  • CCTV System
  • Attic Mezzanine / Mechanical Space
  • Polished Concrete Floors
  • Student and Teacher Toilets (Masonry Partitions)
  • Handicapped Toilet and Shower Facilities
  • Maintenance / Equipment Area
  • Complete Voice / Data Wiring with Wireless Capabilities
  • Grand Master Hardware with Removable Core System
  • Building Sound System with Integral LED Clock System
  • Building Security System
  • Fire Alarm System  / Fully Sprinklered Building
  • HVAC  – DDC Control System
  • Site Landscaping and Sprinkler System
  • Football Stadium and Support Facilities, including: Track, Concession, Field House and Support Facilities, Practice Field, Parking, Baseball Field and Support Facilities, Softball Field and Support Facilities